Top 7 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

Enhance pleasure. Stimulate arousal. Magnify passion. When you put it like that, who wouldn’t want to use aphrodisiacs? There are nearly as many purported aphrodisiacs in the world as there are people, but which of them work? Before you start eating a deer’s scrotum or spraying yourself with whale poo (yes, both aphrodisiacs), it may be simpler to use some of the pure essential oils you already have in your cupboard to enhance your sensual experiences.

What is An Aphrodisiac?

To put it simply, an aphrodisiac is any substance which stimulates or enhances passion, sensory detail, and sexual arousal. This is partly why there is so much confusion around what is an aphrodisiac and what isn’t –– it is somewhat subjective. Certain people are turned on by scents, others by flavors. While there are many variables which go into what will stimulate the senses and sex drive, there are many natural aphrodisiacs which have been used for thousands of years.

Aphrodisiacs Throughout History

Aphrodisiacs can be traced as far back as written history. For thousands of years, humans have been eating, drinking, smelling, and feeling a wide assortment of things to enhance their libido.

The word Aphrodisiac itself is a reference to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, prescribed lentils as a way to keep a man sexually able in the later years of life. Cleopatra reportedly rubbed her body with a honey and almond paste which drove her lovers wild. Even the word “honeymoon” is a nod to the ancient practice of newlyweds drinking honeyed mead in their first month of marriage to increase sexual attraction to one another and “seal the bond” as it were.

Modern day medicine has even brought us chemical cures; most commonly the famous little blue pill which treats impotence in men. While a trip to the pharmacy isn’t exactly a turn on, there are plenty of pure essential oils which are.

Essential Oils As Aphrodisiacs

Inhaled through the nose or mouth or rubbed on the skin, essential oils are carried the bloodstream. There they can positively affect cells and brain activity.

Aphrodisiac essential oils work by flipping the “on switch” on your libido, or simply enhancing your sensory detail, which itself leads to heightened states of arousal. Here are a few of the most researched essential oils aphrodisiacs.

1. Nutmeg Essential Oil

nutmeg essential oilCommonly found in kitchen cupboards, the essential oil from the Myristica fragrans plant may actually be the key to managing male sexual disorders. A recent study found that subjects who were treated with an extractive of nutmeg were more virile than the control group. Pure nutmeg essential oil can be diffused in your aromatherapy diffuser 30 minutes before sex to heighten your sense of arousal and increase sex drive.

2. Clove Essential Oil

clove essential oilThis same study found that clove may help increase virility in men. Subjects treated with clove extract were significantly more sexually active than the control group. This increase of strength and sexual desire was linked to the use of clove. Adding a drop of pure clove essential oil to your massage oil is a great way to feel these stimulating effects.


3. Neroli Essential Oil

neroli essential oilThe flowers of the Citrus aurantium tree are often found around a new bride and groom. The fresh scent is actually a calming tonic for the nerves and sense of anxiety. An application of neroli essential oil was even strong enough to calm the tension of child labor! Researchers found that birthing mothers who were treated with neroli essential oil showed less signs of stress and anxiety than the control group. No wonder it is used around newly married couples! If it can help reduce the stress of labor, neroli essential oil can surely reduce the nervous behaviors of new lovers.

4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

ylang ylang essential oilYlang Ylang essential oil has been used as an aphrodisiac for years. In Indonesia, where ylang ylang is native, the flowers are often spread on the beds of newlyweds. The oil has also been used in a tonic taken to overcome sexual blockages. The calm floral scent is rich and inviting, and can help you to ease the stress of the day and focus your energy on the moment at hand.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil

sandalwood essential oilThough sandalwood essential oil is best known for its spiritual and religious uses, it is also a potent aphrodisiac. A drop of this amazing essential oil in your massage oil or bathtub can transform sex from a simple carnal act to a spiritual journey. The woody, earthy scent is all at once grounding and uplifting, and provides a sense of assured relaxation.

6. Black Pepper Essential Oil

black pepper essential oilBlack pepper essential oil protects the heart, and may increase circulation as well. The strong, sharp scent is also invigorating to the senses, and stimulates blood flow when applied topically. A drop of pure black pepper essential oil added to your sensual massage blend can help increase circulation and stimulation.


7. Vetiver Essential Oil

vetiver essential oilThough not as commonly known as other woody scents, the rich and sweet scent of pure vetiver essential oil is a sensual pleasure. It makes the room seem as if someone has blurred the lines and greased the lens. Like other Aphrodisiac essential oils, vetiver helps calm anxiety. Researchers found that vetiver acts on the brain to decrease stress factors and improve memory.

Other Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

An aphrodisiac can also be a substance which removes any ailments blocking you from experiencing pleasure or sexual desire- whether physical, psychological, or emotional. As such, an essential oil which helps any of the following can also be considered an aphrodisiac:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ease anxiety
  • Reduce physical pain
  • Uplift the mood
  • Ease depression
  • Relax the nerves
  • Stimulate circulation

For instance, someone who has trouble being aroused because of nervousness or anxiousness may be able to allow themselves to experience pleasure after using essential oils for anxiety.

There are many essential oils which fall under this category, and are sensual for for many people, including:

Explore your personal taste and excitement levels with various essential oils to find which work best for you. Simple sensual massage oil can be made by mixing three drops of essential oil and one ounce of coconut oil. Alternatively, a few drops of your chosen essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser can set the mood just right.

Other Things To Consider

As pure essential oils are very powerful, they should be used with regard. Any massage oil which includes a stimulating essential oil should be diluted properly. Using undiluted oils directly on the skin can cause irritation and reactions- which is not very conducive to foreplay.

Pure essential oils are a great way to stimulate passion and increase sensual arousal- without the trip to the pharmacy. Do you have a go-to love potion we have missed? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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