Here at Avenir Oils, we take pride in the fact that all of our essential oils are 100% pure, natural, and therapeutic grade. We go to great lengths to ensure the same high quality for every single product we sell.

Strict Quality control

distillerEvery essential oil we sell is first inspected to ensure it’s purity.

1. First, the oil must be the correct aroma, color, and viscosity.

2. Each oil is tested with a Gas Chromotographic Spectrometer to ensure that the correct compounds are present in the correct levels to result in a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil.

3. All of our essential oils are grown in organic environments, free from harmful pesticides. When possible, we even try to obtain wildcrafted essential oils.

It all starts with the harvesting...

lush-mountainsWe care about the specific geographic region, botanical species, and harvesting method of the plants that are used in the creation of our essential oils. When possible, our oils are harvested in the most natural way possible, which is wildcrafting. This is the term used to describe the harvesting of plants from their wild, or natural habitat. When this is not possible or not practical, plants are harvested from other natural sources such as local organic growers and farms.

Many plants used in the creation of essential oils are native to multiple geographic locations around the earth. Every essential oil we sell indicates the specific geographic region in which its plant source was harvested from. We also indicate the botanical name of each essential oil (for example, Eucalyptus Globulus vs. Eucalyptus Radiata, etc) so you know exactly what you are receiving and where it came from.

Next, the oil is extracted...

leaf-dropThere are several different techniques that can be used for extracting pure plant oil from their raw parts. The two broad categories for oil extraction techniques are: Distillation and Expression.

Distillation is the most common method, and involves using either steam or water to break down the plant material. Water distillation is commonly used for flowers since steam causes the flowers to clump and does not allow the steam to pass through. Steam distillation is the most common distillation procedure, and is used for most other plant parts such leaves and herbs.

Expression (also called cold-press), is often used in the extraction of citrus essential oils. This involves the pressing of soaked rinds, and does not require high temperatures. Steam distilled citrus oils, while still an acceptable method, are slightly less potent and will result in a slightly quicker deterioration.

Every essential oil we sell indicates what extraction method was used.

We stand behind our essential oils 100%

We obtain our essential oil from as direct of a source as possible. We cut out the middle men, which means we are able to sell our essential oils at affordable prices, while still maintaining high standards that result in 100% pure, natural, therapeutic grade essential oils.

We take such great pride in our products that every single essential oil we sell is backed by our unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our product, you may return it to us for a refund.